Guest Policy

Guest Policy.

The Lodge policy is as follows: a member may bring their spouse and a guest (or a couple) with his or her active membership card. If a couple wishes to bring another couple in to enjoy the lodge, we ask that they sit in the dining area, the patio, or on the second floor. The social quarters (bar area) is for members only. This does not mean that a couple, (each with their own membership card), can bring in two couples (4 people). If this were permitted, the membership would be outnumbered by guests in a very big hurry! Please be Proud to show to your Moose Card when requested! We will only accept a valid membership card (not a copy), or the screen image from the Moose Membership phone app. A picture of your card or of the card from the app does not count, as a picture is a digital copy and can be altered. The receipt from your Moose application does not allow you to enter and make purchases. You must have been issued your Moose membership ID number. Our membership office is open from 11am to 7pm to help with any issues. In the past couple of weeks, we have had a few out of state members give their membership card to a non-member and expected us to serve them. This cannot happen. The lodge cannot sell anything to a non-member unless there is a special event with dispensation from the Compliance Officer at Moose International. You are responsible for your Membership Card. 


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